Contracts strategy and management

Course Objectives

Developing your own effective procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy can make valuable quantifiable contributions to your company's performance. This practical course shows you how to adopt a "best-practice" model, and outlines the latest thinking in upstream petroleum industry procurement.

What you will learn:

  • how to develop and implement a highly effective procurement strategy and plan for your organisation to reduce the overall cost of purchasing  
  • how to manage your supply chain in order to deliver maximum value at minimum cost  
  • how to develop and implement a best-practice process for the management of contracts and the supply chain  
  • how to adopt innovative ways to select contractors and prepare tender documents  
  • how to choose the type of contract and compensation terms that best achieves the contract's objectives  
  • how to prepare tender evaluation criteria and evaluate a tender submission  
  • how to manage contract risk



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